The UK's "Independent" ran a disturbing story in their January 22nd edition on our government's decision to censor a report designed to help manage the race for the Arctic's energy reserves.

The Bush administration announced it would auction off 30 _million_ acres of the Chukchi Sea -- the sea that separates Alaska from Russia -- next month. I suspect no one will be surprised to learn the sale to oil and gas companies was rushed through before Congress could finish their efforts to protect that beautiful denizen of the north, the polar bear.

It astounds me that our government feels the sea is theirs to give away.

The censored research apparently called for governments to conduct accurate research on the environmental impact of this sell-off. Overall, it was said the tone of the findings was to be more careful and to do further investigation before drilling for oil in the area.

Once again, the Bush administration has pushed aside climate-related science in an effort to dole out entitlements. Of course, these entitlements go to their pals in the oil and gas industry.

Contact with fuel oil is virtually fatal for polar bears.

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Comment by Greenfox on January 30, 2008 at 1:00am
nothing Bush does supprises me any more nor the lack of response from congress CYA and all they can loot.


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