Journeys and Meandering 1: Ceremonial Magic and me.

I love interacting with different perspectives. It gives me insight not just into their lives, but sometimes it enlightens me about the influences on my own life that I have been unaware of.

Take the discussion about the color of magic here, that SIN started.
I've had that talk a half-dozen times with various groups of Pagans, Christians and others, and never did it click with me just how influential my research into the Hermetic paths have been in how I see the magic.

Heh. I don't consider myself Hermetic in the slightest. I have nodded at the influence of Ceremonial Magic in my life (and there aren't that many who can't say that CM doesn't have its place in influencing them...) but I don't consider myself a Ceremonial Magician.

I don't deal with angels, Kabbalah isn't my thing, and I'm not going to go out and learn the Hebraic alphabet. Greek gives me headaches enough as it is.

So I guess after I finish the current stack of books, I'll be hitting the library to re-read the books on Hermetic magic to see what all I have brought home with me from the last reading, and see if I need to rethink, to clean house, or what.

*hears the timer for lunch go off* time to eat! yay!

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