My husband gave me the highest compliment about my faith I have ever heard last night - he said that I am very good at keeping a balance between my scientific side and my spiritual side.
To quote: "You don't let your love of science take away from the Mystery, and you don't let the Mystery diminish the science."

I love my little agnostic. heh.

I'm compiling a nice assemblage of information on Dionysos for my D. group - The Amphora - it's about 1/3 done.

The weather is back to full out rain, which was wonderful with all the lightning and thunder this morning early. Nothing is so nice as snuggled in blankets with the cats and the husband listening to the storms.

The Tarot class is on its way - I have about the right number of students that I wanted. yay!

and this weekend is Candlemas - yay!
my hair is about to get refreshed, there will be fire and cooking and such.
But for now, its the spring cleaning here at home.

I'll probably take some ashes from the fire this weekend to bless the plants and animals here at home.
I wonder if I can pick up some fish for us to cook out on the firepit. yum! and cedar planks for it. even better. mmmm.... fish.

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Comment by peace lily on January 31, 2008 at 9:18pm
My husband has been having some sort of spiritual awakening and insights too! It's just fun, cuz he's a "kind of" agnostic too, but some interesting things have been blowing his way and making him ask questions and make observations and such. The wind here has been ferocious, so I envy your rain!

Sounds like things are going your way! I am sooo happy for you! This weekend will be my 1st Candlemas, so that'll be fun too.

Brightest of Blessing to You and Yours!
Peace Lily


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