I decided that I might do a blog to say "Hi" and tell you a bit about myself.

Aileen Fairycat, is a take on a pendant I received many, many moons ago, at some point I knew I wanted it as a tattoo and a design was created based on the pendant, a fox and my dear Kitty Nicholas, this was done approx 14 years ago. Aileen is my middle name and is Celtic for Light. When I became more active in the pagan community it felt like a good fit.

I started my journey quite young when I realised that I was "jealous" of the polythestic cultures I studied in school and was sad to think this was no longer practiced. When I learned that in fact polytheistic religions were still practiced I began my studing.

I started with Sybil Leek and books given to me by my Mother and continued to branch out from there. I have worked as both solitary and in small groups since I was a teenager. I came across a lot of resistance to my age in my early study but was thrilled to have gone to a large events in DC and met others who had similar paths to myself. There I was given the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people as well as to help change a few opinions about age and studing the Path.

I have never belonged to one group but have gotten the chance to do Ritual with many wonderful people of different traditions. I prefer though to celebrate with my close "family" or solitary these days.

I consider myself a Kitchen Witch I work with the things that are natural and close to the earth for my magick. I love to make my own soaps, oils and bath treats for my family. I love to create these things knowing that I have the control over what goes on my body and can be enviromentally kind while I use something that makes me happy.

I also am a Belly Dancing Student, I have been studying for a year and a half. I work in Caberet, Tribal, Tribal Fusion, and Gothic styles. I love the connection to my own sense of womanhood and my own body that dancing has provided. I believe every woman should try it at least once, it is such a beautiful form of dance.

I have been interested in photography since I was a child, and took classes in High School and College. Now that I have such a wonderful camera I have had a wonderful time sharing my work. I work in digital and 35mm both on Canon Cameras. I take photos in a photojournalistic style I love to take pictures as I see things I don't like to make changes or pose items. I like sharing the moment as it was.

I do Renaissance Faires as an Ale Wench and a Vendor of my products. I have been involved for 11 years. I love the silliness of it, the history and the amazing people I have met from being invloved.

In the real world I work at a Wine Tasting room for a small winery.

From Myspace

"UGH! I hate this part! I am all the things I love and hate about my friends, family and those that just show up around me. I am a good person when I try to be and a rotten brat when I just don't wanna be good. I am indecisive but blame it on being a Libra. I love a whole mess of stuff and hate a bunch of stuff too, though I know I am not supposed (but whose kidding who). I am a realist optimistic whose believes in Unicorns, Fairies and Vampires but still is skeptical of photos of Ghosts and Bigfoot. I hope this will do for now. "

So that is a little about me :)

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Comment by Siiri on January 31, 2008 at 6:13pm
You sound like you have an enriched life, and much to share with the Pagan community. What school did you attend for Photography?:)
Comment by Aileen Fairycat on January 31, 2008 at 6:31pm
I took classes at the Junior College I attended but did briefly look at studying Art at Cal Arts.

Thank you so much for your kind words.
blessings of love and light to you!


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