I was listening to a certain podcast the other day from this young woman who made a statement that got me thinking. Mind you, I'm paraphrasing, but she said that she believed that solitary pagan practitioners needed teachers. Spending nearly 22 years on my path, I never really thought about a teacher. I had friends who were on the path and we learned from each other and books. If we had a question, we looked it up in a book. Truthfully, Scott Cunningham ended up being the defacto source. Back in the 90's I got on the internet so I could network with others, but the spectrum of witches I encountered made me feel a bit overwhelmed. I joined a Yahoo Group that was pretty tight. It was a virtual coven. But the elder never really taught. We were a group of solitaries finding a common love of the Goddess.

So I ask, does a solitary need a teacher?

As a solitary, I had encountered times when I doubted my path, but there was no one I could go to for guidance or reaffirmation. My family was/is Christian and I was deep in the broom closet. So during those lonely times when my faith was shakey and I felt a lack of direction, I could only depend on myself and my books.

Being older and wiser, I have managed to stay the course. Not too many can stay the course. Many people are waking up declaring paganism, but not receiving the proper guidance to grow in their belief. I hear the term "fluffy bunny" being bantered about, and I'm going to tell you that I don't really know where the term came from and why it is being bantered about. I do know that this young podcaster verbalised something that may be the "unspeakable truth". As a solitary, I bristled when she said it, but I heard the ring of truth.

So I ask again, does a solitary need a teacher?

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Comment by Black Diamond on January 31, 2008 at 8:08pm
I have chosen a solitary path, from the moment I knew Wicca was definitely my Path. Although I've found Pagan friends who are quite willing to share what they know I am finding that doing my own study is proving to be very beneficial. I am currently reading Scott Cunninghams "Living Wicca" (I read his first book for solitaries too). I am using this to write my own tradition as he suggests.

I did look for a mentor to begin with (this was only late last year). But with my own love for research and reading I have found that I am self teaching. Others however may find the guidence of a teacher is helpful.

But I think self teaching is far more rewarding as your religion really becomes your own. I would recommend with other Pagans though because this enables you to see other views and that can strengthen and add to what you already believe/think.

Read read read! Learn learn learn!

Love and light :)
Comment by Black Diamond on January 31, 2008 at 8:10pm
"..I would recommend TALKING with other Pagans.." Sometimes I think faster than I type LOL :)
Comment by peace lily on January 31, 2008 at 8:55pm
Just my opinion, but whatever path you follow, I believe that whatever you seek you will find within yourself. I have been led to, and read, wonderful books. And I have also gone to look for books to read and my guides have nudged me away as if to say, "You don't need that right now. You need to find the anwsers you seek from yourself, not others peoples opinions". Meditation, journeying, whatever it is you do... As for a 'teacher" per se? I'm not so sure that you NEED a teacher to follow YOUR path. Because it's YOUR path, and everyone of us has our own path that only we follow. Our paths may meet and converge at points, but ultimately, we are only resposponsible for ourselves.

If you WANT a teacher, that's up to you. I guess I tend to be solitary in my path and there are SO many books and SO many opinions, they can get confusing. I guess that's where looking within helps you decide what holds true and resonates for you and what doesn't.

Just my 2 cents!
Peace Lily :)


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