Destruction of Alaska wilderness continues...

Once again news of the Bush administrations actions came my way via a UK publication, the "Guardian Unlimited". In an article appearing on 1/31, it was announced that 3 million acres of Alaskan forest have been opened to logging, mining and road building concerns.

This is a part of the same Tongass National Forest that environmentalists have been working to save -- and that Bill Clinton helped protect with the Roadless Rule during his administration.

Opponents of the plan say this is a continuation of the current administration's pandering to industry and corporations. No big surprise there - pandering to corporate concerns is status quo for this administration.

Proponents of the plan have said the plan will sustain the diversity and health of the forest while providing subsistance for Alaskan residents and a place for recreation to those who visit the state.

Let's keep an eye on this to see what happens...

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Comment by Bill Cruz on February 5, 2008 at 2:15pm
It's sad to see that in this day and age with the focus on environmental issues and concerns, we loose another chunk of forest and annimal habitat to someones financial bottom line with very little exposure and public knowledge.


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