I took my wee pup out tp the enclosed back yards of the houses tonght , I usualy do this around 10pm and have a wee ciggy while Gozmo ( my wee yorkshire terrier ) no sooner than I turned my back He had vannished into thin air , wouldent answer his calls , so I was jumping over fences , torch in hand no sign of him , I searched for 20 minutes before i decided to search the local park where I usually walk him - still no sighn of the wee rascle . after an hour and a half of saerching without any jiy went to my local polce staton to see f anyone has handed hm in

No luck there so I reported him as lost , on my return home I asked jamie ( my son) if he has came back still no jouy so I asked the gods for their help and decided to do one last search of the back yards

As soonas I walked out the close door there he was so worries in the world - Oh I was sooo glad he returned and my panick was over

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Comment by Rev. Dr. Anne Frances on September 26, 2008 at 10:43pm
GOD is always there and will always be there if you will have him. Loving light Darkanjal


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