I always find this a useful tool for meditations, smudging, protection, guidance... it was curious today how many cultures use this as a tool, portal, device.

Posting from Bnet: (A friend had an experience that needed cleansing as did I around the same time; we always seem to be connected even though so new and far away; there are always thoughts or messages sent between that seem to hit when the person is in need, and yet to ask - I am very greatful for this freindship and the others referedwithin)
The Four Gates and The Fifths

Had a challenge pop up last week, potentially unhealthy and hurtful. so intense and gripping. Blocking my quite time, robbing me of sleep. closing my eyes, snippets and snarls molested my inner vision and meditation.

My health has not be well, and my spirit was low, dipped and bobbing. How grateful I amto be brought up each day by little comments, remarks, and yes, even some serendipity and synchronisity... strangers and long lost acquaintances reaching out and giving a unexpected pat on the back. kind word. a realization they cared; and validation of who I am; and wish to be.

Still plaqued, I calmed my angst by reaching out to my friends and strong ones here I realized how blessed I am and can only hope that thru my healing and growing, I am able to help some one else. If not to heal, then to be open; to see the signs signaling them; to be aware of our own actions to others and ourselves. To fortify ourselves against the negative and banal; the corrosive thoughts and behavior; to filter the outside forces and activities that may be trying to get a hold. And open to Help such along its own path, with out us being dragged down, but satisfied we have assist this elsewhere.

Whether dusting off ones sandals after departing a relationship, house, office, location or keeping those who may not be able to have a healthy interaction, speak a kind word or restrain the hostile; let this move on; send it off with a blessing. as the metta goes:

May I be at peace, may my heart remain Open

May I awakend to the light of my own true Nature

May I be heald, May I be a source of Healing for all Beings

And picking up some written lessons and peaceful writitngs, Like Midnight Espresso Bar leaving a most glorious daily affirmations from dailyohm.com - how did she know to send such a timely and desparately needed gift?

like Joan Borysenko's Pocket Full of Miracles, reading whole seasons outloud in the sun, seeing the Angels at the 4 Gates. refecting on the strength, vision, clarity, wisdom and healing, while manafesting these traits thru imagination; thoughts and quiet creativity; visualization; affirmaitions.

The Celtic Way of Seeing; the 5 directions of the Celtic Wheel... and the reflection of the 4 Directions; corresponding with the gates. Shoring my self up and bringing it back to center, seeing the gifts and fortress; the nature and nurture both from with out and with in.

The responses of energies, lifting, protecting me; and the great sources of re-enforcing energies from all my friends who are so powerful, strong, healing and loving. Blessed be their giving nature that so much helped me revive. Blessed be their work for others and blessed be their work for themselves. Sending thoughts and energies of the beauty they have sent to me.

For one who reached out; and is endeared to me so; a comment I sent to one who was tourmented similarly and whose help is always so beneficial;may this never plague us or trouble our selves. We have moved on and will stay vigilant and protected:

Nightly, Sending you a beautiful intense clean white energy to help support you. A bright lavendar energy to fill the space as the divine that resides with in you grows and expands. and a golden glowing rod of light.

Lavendar The divine and the nature with-in;
Drawing of the four Gates and the Fifths: may Uriel in the East(he is in front of you), prosperity, clairty and rebirth; and Micheal To the North(he is to the left of you), battle, warrior, wisdom, love look down upon and protect us; and Gabriel To the South(he is right of you), strength, creative, music, divine manifest and Rapheal To the West (he is behind you), healer, knowledge, vision fortifiy us.
In the center is YOU where you find your Divine and your Sovreignty, your Center Reigns

As the celtic Blessing Goes:
may your neighbors respect
may trouble regect you
may the angels protect you
and may God accept you

the metta
May I be at peace, may my heart remain open
May I awaken to the light of my own true nature
May I be healed, May I be the source of healing for all beings.

I cant thank you enough for your assistance. I am getting better sleep; I wish you to have peace and calm in your slumber and twixt and in tween. You will be blessed, with content sleep and awaken with restful bliss.
~~~~WL~~~~ Posted by wonderlust on Jul 22, 2008 1:16 PM

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