I have to say "WAS THAT ECLIPSE AWESOME OR WHAT". I must admit though, I didnt watch the entire process but what I did see was cool. I was probably the only person standing outside, freezing my butt off, watching the sky. I was also looking around at my neighborhood, watching everyone rushing around to and fro, wandering if they even noticed what was going on. Did they feel the energy? Did they know that this wonderful sight won't be seen again for 3 years? Did anybody even notice? I also noticed the many airplanes that flew by and wandered what must it be like to be flying in the sky and look out the window and see that. Maybe its just me, but there was alot of powerful energy going on last night. I hope you enjoyed the sight.

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Comment by peace lily on February 21, 2008 at 9:48pm
It was truly glorious! And yes, amazing energy!
Peace Lily


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