Well I missed the bus to school today so I had all day to stay home and think and ponder and research things for my woman's investment club tonight and while doing so I found some interesting shit out and got totally reconnected to my dreams and I feel great!

So it was good to miss the bus...lmao

I am working on starting a Pagan Investment group, no pressure to join but it is a great way to start putting away a little something for your retirement..
it's 50.00 a month..
I understand a lot of ppl dont have that, but if you do and you have always been curious or interested in investing please seek me out and let me know and I will tell you more!

Meanwhile I broke my fast..I am eating lightly again but not eating out as far as in restraunts or fast food
at all..
I am totally protesting it,
not even sure why, but I am..lol

My last dance class was very good! Thank you to those who came! Yall rock:)

I am going to be working more on finding us good little spiritual small spots to perform at next spring if yall would like too, I will talk more about it in class for sure:)

I just finished reading a book called appetites by Caroline Knapp it was a very good book, it's about a woman and her struggles with life and alcoholism and anorexia and was just a really good read..
made me ponder a lot of different things:)

I found this old Science of Mind book at Erin's store ( Evermore Bookstore )
from 1938 and it was talking about the law of attraction and after today I think I am highly remotivated in my old mantra that if your gonna be a witch..then be a witch and take control of your life and use your magic..

I havnt been doing that much..lol I was still trying to figure out what I really wanted to do about my life I think and now I have some things I want..
so I am off to be the witch I am..lol

Love you guys:)

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Comment by Dragonwraith on November 6, 2007 at 10:28pm
neat idea!!!

i just ended a lemon and peppers 4 day cleasning!! and tonight i raided the fridge ribs, rice with garlic/onions/mushrooms/peas

now my tummy hurts started too fast on the heavy foods i thinks
Comment by Jessa on November 14, 2007 at 7:00pm
I have done that too!!! Come off a fast way way too quick and gotten very sick!

The lemon and peppers cleasning sounds interesting!

I use a lot of lemon in my water

what sort of peppers did you use??


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