Deep Waters

I am the hurricane.
I am the deep.
I am the nightmare monstrosities that call the inky abyss home.
I am the rippling, laughing waves.
I am the murderous tides,
the currents that rend flesh from bone.
I am where the horizon sleeps,
and where the sun wakes.
I am the amoebas that swim in the roiling nocturnal cauldron of evolution.
I am steadfast life to the prepared,
and certain death to the unwary.
I am typhoon and roaring, screaming gale.
I am quiet depths and crushing pressure.
I am all, for I am The Waters.

And I can slash and sting,
Or soothe and cool.
I burn the wounds on your body till the saline from your tears melds with mine.
I voice my outrage with thunderous chorus,
and sing my solace with melodic chime.
I can peel the skin from your body, leaving nerve and soul exposed.
I can calm and enrapture the hardest of hearts.
I boil and I freeze,
I swirl and I churn.
I am all, for I am The Waters.

~Aimee D.

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Comment by Dragonwraith on April 1, 2008 at 1:56am
Tiamatic at its best what can I say your poetry is beyond words when it comes to its imagry felt that there were things lurking at the bottom of the tub to eat my feet lol but i think you know what I mean
keep up the good writing
Anubis Blessings


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