Well, I'm now officially tryingto blog. I've got alot going on. business moving fast the garden is coming up and today i started a fitness program. I want to get into the shape I was right after the Navy. so I'M doing a military pre boot camp work out. this week it's 5 minutes stretch, 2 minutes situps and push ups 5 min walk 1 min jog 5 min walk then 1 more min jog a final 5 min walk and a 2 min stretch. I was so sore and I didn't even know how out of shape I was. I can move alot of weight and do so at the factory all the time but my areobic fitness is squat. hopefully I'm changeing that. Freya , my big dog, is my running partner and she loves it.
also got the beans in finally hopefully tomorrow I can put the corn and tomatoes and cucumbers and squash in and be done planting for a few months. besides I really need to work on our van. our old one is about to throw a rod so we bought a 83 gmc it's cool.I swear it's like the A TEAM parked in my driveway. it needs some work but nothing me and my brother in law rex can't fix. gotta get up in the morning so


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