Together we walk into the light
Turning and smiling
Heart filled with doubt
Stumble back and run with all my might

A love so grand and strong
Turns to be illusion
How could I know
It would all bleed wrong

Light calls you on depraved wings
My destiny not aligned
Darkness my fate
Too many unsaid things

Where to go from here I know not
Too many questions
No answers to be had
Why I love you, I forgot

Is it wrong to want that which wants me
Confusion can't be sure
Love lost in time
A mate of true bond there must be

Alone I wait and stand
Goodbye to you
No more tears
Now I understand

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Comment by David Darkfire on June 30, 2008 at 12:13pm
That was a very interesting poem, my friend. You do have a talent with words and can portray your emotions in the written word. Hugs and warm blessings,

-David Darkfire-


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