Argh! I just hugged my tree in my back yard and a cockroach was right by my head!!! yuck yuck yuck! I have the ebbegeebies now!!! *shudders*


When you hug a tree always look for unsuspecting creepy crawlys first!!!

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Comment by Mountain Moon Mama on November 29, 2007 at 10:08am

That reminds me of the time my daughter wanted to hug a small maple tree. She had her arms out, got within a foot or so of the tree, and jumped back and started crying. Upon closer look, there was a large (like 3-inches long) flying insect that was resting on the trunk ~ right where she would've hugged the maple. It blended right in....

So I second that. Don't hug a tree until it's been checked out for creepy-crawlies!

Thanks for sharing. :>



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