Not Just Another Book of Shadows: A Wiccan Priestess Shares Her Life Experience

With all the published Book of Shadows out there, many of which are authored by famous Wiccans and Pagans, why should anyone buy my ebook of shadows, Out of the Shadows and Into the Light? I'm not famous--at least not yet. I don't belong to a coven or church. The training I've had hasn't been structured or formal; I didn't go into a classroom to be taught by Lord or Lady High Priestess or Priest. None of this was around when I started down the path. Back in the late 70's and early 80's, there weren't occult bookstores, at least not where I grew up. If you were lucky you could find books on Astrology--what you sun sign meant, but not much more. Books on magic taught you tricks. Witches were evil. Pagans were backward and ignorant. If you were clever, you found books on Spiritualism. Nor did my family have a long history of casting spells and stirring cauldrons, so I can't lay claim to a long magical heritage. I was raise Catholic, which in a way prepared me for doing rituals

That is what I didn't have. What I did have was so much more than could be found in books or with title honored teachers. There are so many things that can't be taught with words or demonstrations in a classroom; it can only be found by practical experience and good old fashion hard work.

On both sides of my parentage, there were abilities. My grandmother was not only able to sense the dead, but frequently see them. She also had a way of knowing with out knowing how she knew, which helped know when to play the lottery. Although, she never won big, she won frequently. Unfortunately, her Christian heritage kept her from understanding and training her gift. When she saw the other side, it frequently frightened her. Her sister, Edith had a natural intuitiveness about people. She could read them like no other, but she also didn’t understand her talent. Instead, she used alcohol to suppress her impressions. There were family rumors about their mother, but back then, children were never included in the discussions about the weirdness in the family. My grandmother would say, “little pictures have big ears.” Sometimes at night, I would pretend to be asleep so that I could listen; unfortunately, it didn’t take too long for me to stop pretending and I missed out on a lot. My mother knew how to communicate with animals and instinctively knew they needed to be healed. We had two puppies that contracted parvo that the vet had given up on. She brought them home and proved him wrong. She had a knack of seeing into other’s lives. Once she described to a woman her entire house down to the color of the walls in her bedroom; the woman’s reaction prevented her from ever doing it again. They were Christian, yet they were also spiritually gifted in ways that they didn't understand therefore never gained control over their abilities.

When I was about five, I told my grandmother’s neighbor, Kate, that I saw fairies in her garden. She took me into her kitchen and poured water into an old bowl and put candlestick in the center. She lit the candle and had me watch the flame as she talked to me. Decades later I remembered in a dream how she shut down that part of my natural gifts. When I was ready, not only did the memory come back but the ability as well. Kate was a very spiritual woman, who went to church every morning at 6 am. Her faith was an active part in her life, yet she still knew how to reach the earth spirits. Although her age kept her from doing much work, her gardens were always lush and her grapevine remained fertile in spite of its age. Her home was old and run down. She was one of the last people in town to install indoor plumbing. The only source of heat for the large two story home was a wood stove in the kitchen, yet it was always warm. Her house was unique. It was two story, but the upper level could be reached both from the inside and out. The wooden stairs led to a porch and then the entrance. She had board it up, keeping whatever was in on the inside and keeping the rest of us out. When she died, so did her gardens and the house seem to collapse into itself.

Growing up, I felt safer and more at home in woods than anywhere else. My grandmother's boyfriend had an 80 acre farm. I would spend hours wandering by myself, knowing that nothing could harm me while I was among the trees. It was the place I where I was the most connected. Just before the swamp, there was a natural circular field with a single tree in the center. It was a was the place I went to hide and think.

Just out of high school, my friend, Kim and her father, Bobby taught me channeling. Kim, another friend, Lynne and myself spent the summer walking between worlds. To say we were obsessive would be an understatement. We became very good at allowing the Goddesses and Gods to speak through us and they helped us open the spiritual doors within us. We were young and felt immortal, which made us fearless of the unknown and the consequences of our actions. It was a spiritual summer that changed all of us, especially me. That fall the three of us parted ways. I wandered through life for almost a year. What I had experienced made me question everything that I had been taught. I was very confused, so I did a lot of drinking and partying to stop the thinking.

In 1977, I started community college before going on to Michigan State University. By moving away, I was able to start releasing the old negative beliefs about not only myself but also the world beyond. I started doing more research and join the Metaphysical Society that met on the MSU campus. Through this group I met a beautiful soul could have very well been an incarnated angel; Mary was an older woman, who was not only wise but also very loving. Her nurturing heart helped me have faith in my abilities. She helped me open the doors that Kate had closed. We studied Eastern philosophies, kabala, and energy healing. It was also the time I picked up my first Tarot deck and started to use them to focus my intuition. The summer of 1981 when I officially initiated, my dragon spirit awakened and reentered by soul. It was a time of great awareness and challenge. What I had received what had I asked for, but it was more than what I was emotionally prepared to deal with. It took me several years to regain balance.

That all happened before the mid eighties. It was years ahead of the spiritual awakening that was to come for others. The late 80's and the 90's when the spiritual awakenings began in mass, I had already gone through the karmic test of air, fire and had started the emotional test of water. I had learned how focus my energy into healing through Reiki and became disciplined enough to control my other gifts. When I gained control over myself, I was able to reawaken memories from the lives before, which brought forward past lessons and gave me access to old talents.

All that I have experience has given me a unique perspective not only on life, but also gave me the ability to see how we are all interconnected. None of us are really alone. Like pieces of a puzzle, we all have our own unique shape and image, but we are also part of one big picture. Out of the Shadows and Into the Light is more than a book of spells and rituals; it contains what I have learned along the way. When we lack something in our life, whether it be love, prosperity or security, the sources is always an emotional or spiritual wound. By healing the injury, the path to healing opens and you will be able to find what you seek. Oprah once said there are two emotions, love and fear. I have gone one step further by adding--if you come from fear, you can never have love; however, if you come from love, you will never lack for it. By healing ourselves, we open our hearts and souls to that which we desire the most. It is this perspective that make Out of the Shadows and Into the Light different than other Book of Shadows. It is a 114 page full color ebook with information on healing, love, prosperity and protection. There are also sections on Dragon Magic and Justice Rituals. In addition, there are articles on Kundalini, the elements and manifesting. The download costs 5.00 through paypal and is only available on my site at

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Comment by Lady Serenity, The Witch In The City on November 30, 2007 at 1:32am
You sound a lot like me! I would definitely read this -- where can I buy it?
Comment by Theresa Chaze on November 30, 2007 at 3:52pm
It's on my site at Thank you.


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