Is the United States a Christian Nation?

I can answer without question this issue. The religious right and fanatics scream daily that this nation was founded as a christian nation. Anyone with an educated mind can read the Declaration of Independence and see this is not so. However these people choose find meanings unintended in the use of the term 'god'. It is clear from the writings of many of the founding fathers this was never meant as a christian reference, but merely a universal term. However, just to quell the uprising arguments I decided I needed more than the personal writings of our founding fathers to back up this and went looking for further proof. I have to admit what I found surprised me.
I will clarify some points here before I present this document, just so we are clear on what is being seen. The treaty of tripoli was drafted in 1796. It was in it's english format read aloud, in it's entirety, to the fifth congress of the united states in 1797 and ratified by a unanimous vote. It was signed by both president Adams and later Jefferson. This treaty only held for four years, until further hostilities broke out. However the point being made here is not on the length of the treaty but on the statements made in it. This was also published in several prominent newspapers of the day with full text to no public outcry. The government and the public of that time understood these statements to be self evident. That is the point being made here.
So, here is the Treaty of Tripoli. Presented as downloaded from the library of Congress archives. Please read Article 11. Then tell me the founding fathers and our early government intended this to be a 'christian' nation.
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Comment by Shaman on December 28, 2007 at 12:14pm
Exactly. As Thomas Jefferson said... "It makes no difference if my neighbor believes in one god or in twenty. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my legs."
Religious freedom. That was a cornerstone, not 'christianity'.
Comment by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace on October 12, 2015 at 8:36pm

yeah ,just now seeing this few years later, AMerica was founded to be a melting pot of many peoples who could come from many countries, the founding fathers were mostly diests anyway, believing Some thing created life then just let it develop how it will.. they created a place where you could have freedom of and FReedom FROM religion, whichever you preferred,..people tend to always forget the latter part.


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