A Business License Isn't What You Think

It has been shown to me that not everyone understands what a business license is and that is understandable, being most don't want the burden of being in business for themselves. First off, if you do want to be in business for yourself, check local laws. A business license does not come from the Feds and who is required to get a business license varies from state to state. For example, in my state, a service is subject to the state sales tax, therefore, in the state of GA I wasn't required to have a business license while I was subcontracting music instructor. The two years I owned a music store, I was required to have a business license because I sold physical products such a instruments and accessories, which were subject to the sales tax.

Now the good news is, a business license is not a privilege kept for a selective few (this may be different out side of the US). Anyone can apply for a business license. Just like anyone can start a business. So what is this magical piece of paper? You may ask. It is a permission slip. Yep, just like a marriage license, you are asking permission from the governmental powers that be to do something voluntarily with others.

Don't believe me? Start a business. First come up with an idea. Then put together a plan. Get the capitol together to start it *, which, isn't necessarily that much (most small businesses are started for less than $5000 in the US). Then research your local and state laws to see if your business model is required to have a business license. If required you'll have to go and get some required documentation such as a state and federal tax ID number and pay a fee(it will vary from region to region, I paid around $75 my first year).

*I recommend you save up as opposed to getting a loan.

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