Mrs. Wheelerton sat in her office watching the clock. She had just finished getting the last loan set up and it was a very difficult one to get approved. She had gone the extra mile for this couple, who she felt would be perfect lindies and was elated when she got their approval. Of course, her satisfaction quickly turned to melancholy when she looked at the photograph of her son, John.

While John was alive, many would say she worshipped the ground he walked on if it wasn't for her participation at church. She sometimes wonders herself who her god is. Why? Why did John have to die & if there was a reason, why did it have to be such a torturous one at the hands of those animals?

Her thoughts were suddenly disturbed by a voice, "Joan... Joan?"

She jumped. "OH, oh, Kimberly, you startled me."

"I'm sorry, are you okay?" asked Kim.

"Oh," said a dazedly Mrs. Wheelerton, "yes, I'm fine. Just tired. How can I assist you?"

"Well, its the continuous invitations to your church. It is kind of you to think of me, but, I already have a spiritual practice and its becoming a little uncomfortable for me. So, I've come to ask you to stop."

"Oh," said Joan. "Does this 'spiritual practice' have a church?"

"Well, yes, it is the Fellowship of Isis", answered Kim.

Joan looked at Kim, "Did you say the Fellowship of I.S.I.S.?"

"Umm, yes, the Fellowship of Isis. We worship the goddess Isis. Anyways, Joan, it is beginning to feel like harassment & I did not want to automatically go to H.R., I wanted to instead talk it over with you. So will you please stop," replied Kim.

"Yes, Kimberly, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. If you ever change your mind about coming to my church..." she left off and stared off into nowhere. Kim said something and left, but, Mrs. Wheelerton didn't notice.

She didn't even know at what point she had got into her car, nor did she care, she just kept hearing, "I.S.I.S., I.S.I.S..." Then standing before her in the road was John. She slammed on her brakes to keep from hitting him. The car behind her hit their brakes and swerved around her.

She didn't hear the man screaming, "YOU STUPID FUCKIN' BITCH", as he laid on the horn and drove by. She leapt from the car & ran to put her arms around her son, only for him to vanish before her eyes.

She stood and tearfully called out John's name.

Her trance was broken by a voice that sounded like Johns. She slowly turned to see a boy on bicycle, not her John, he repeated, "Ma'am, are you alright? Do you need help?"

She looked at him through glazed eyes, "No, no, I'm okay now. Thanks." She quickly returned to her car and sped away.

Get it together Joan, she thought. 'I.S.I.S.' You're falling apart Joan. 'I.S.I.S.'

She did not know when she had gotten home. Nor, did she know how long she had set in the driveway with her car running. She did not know what had broke her reverie. She slowly dragged herself from her car and took one tired step after another, when she found herself before her door. She did not know how long she had been standing there, before the house that John had grew up in. She entered.

Looking to her left, by the basement door, was her shrine to John. It was covered with photos from his childhood to early adult hood, various knickknacks, his baseball trophies, his old beat up trumpet & newspaper clippings. Most of these clippings were from his baseball games, one or two were from his days in the school band. Then there was the one that read, 'U.S. Soldier Crucified by I.S.I.S.' and another one with the headline, 'College Student Missing'. 'A girl named Isis, went...'

She looked at the crucifix hanging above the shrine and prayed aloud, "Oh Jesus, why? I thought you were the last to die this way... Why didn't you rise after three days, John? Why?"

She sat stunned by what she had said. 'Who are you praying to, Joan? Neither can hear you.'

Then she heard the groans of pain. Mrs. Wheelerton could hardly believe the girl was still alive, but, alive she had kept her. There was not enough torture she could administer for all the evil that I.S.I.S. had committed. She knew somewhere in the back her mind, that this girl couldn't help her parents had named her I.S.I.S. However, this did not stop her from seeking her vengeance upon her. She had planned on going after this girls parents next, but, there is now a change in plans. The new target was now this I.S.I.S. worshiper. Yes, she would get to watch her goddess die & know that she was next.

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