The past few days have been insane at best. As the date of release of Housekeeping for the Soul is getting closer, I'm working around the clock to get all my ducks in a row, and boy...that's a whole lot of ducks to line up!

Today I e-mailed many of you asking if you can forward a newsletter Dena and I have created. For some of you, however, I don't have e-mail addresses, so I will post the link here in hope that you can be kind enough to copy it and send it around to your contacts. pN6snT90cdAZ02i94vgjs_a2RAO-ShvkG1Jzkm1OBjLFYxMWrrxBLcKuJXbk9t0Jhq7xVAdi5g3_nCUXPmoF1iAgpn -FGk1Z03iJ0HzZM5jt2_qwl9tRtLrOUP8eSA4XYNEMtpsKRJxMSDnorj1lmtPK3HUmfMIDw199ph6wCzALWmWajcc4 YHlcxaiURTHcgOFq3Em1NEyISaW4lUV7H3xtINbOxlAKARJ5UXOaEyEqc3PSNU8fQSq5a_3uy2k28PQ55xHs89JUPF 6J28dAfLc03JNrz-yuTM5J7IeWKE2g%3D%3D

Being this my first time around, I am trying different avenues to get the word out...can you help?

Thank you so much in advance if you can. :-)

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