It's been a lovely spring day, so far. It was cold-and-windy yesterday, but today, we were able to BBQ, do some yard work and enjoy the sun.
My little outside Fae house needs some cleaning; I will add fresh crystalized ginger, some scented cotton and NEW shinny stones, and glass gems. Fresh, shinny ribbon will also need to be added; the old has faded with the harsh winter....
Most everyone has gone to bed now; I enjoy this quiet time alone. I don't seem to get too much of it anymore.....
Spent part of my evening looking for my "Balm of Gilead.." It's been pricey lately, so last time only ordered an ounce...I did find it on a lower shelf, back behind some other things...It was still sealed in it's original plastic bag. "WE" were both relieved at the discovery.
I love my herbs; they speak to me, and although that sounds a bit strange, I'm sure the other "herbalists" in this group would agree with me....The energy is strong; some are sweet, and sensative; others are very "lets-get-with-it" types.....and although Valerian is an extremely important "root," it's vomit-like smell is more than I can handle....I keep it away from the other herbs, AND when I order it, I ask my supplier to SHIP it it doesn't effect the other herbs..
Just some random thoughts.....
Kat )O(

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