So... now that I've had sleep I still feel like shit over the thanks giving... the whole oven problem thanks giving was a night mare and will most likely be my last thanksgivin that I even try to bother with. I kinda regret cutting but then again not so much. I'm still at Jame's and Maria's place and Jessie who stay's here cuse she really has no place to be is making me feel unwelcome and unwanted ontop of insulting me...I'm taking care of her cat for free and she is being really bitchy towards me and I'm sick of it.. I'm gonna head home soon... but I don't have internet there so my laptop that I'm on now is useless..... I can't stand my depression and I just want to give up right now I've had sleep yes but its not very restfull as I was tossing and turning and couldnt sleep till like nine am... I really wish I had something to numb my emotions right now... I don't wish to feel I don't wish to keep dealing with everything my emotions and some people are not making my emotions anybetter... well... I thought I had more to say... but really I dont... getting off here now..

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