I've been quite busy, lately. Sadly, I'm leaving my art alone to pursue other endeavors.


First and foremost of which is the work in my grimoire. I've been working on developing various styles of Drop Capitals for the different sections.


I've been expanding on my divination practices, turning from basic cartomancy to a deck of Oracle Cards by Madame Lenormand.


I will, soon, be getting a deck of traditional Waite Tarot.


I have been slowly but surely breaking in my recently received runes. It's proven a little difficult, as their readings are more obscure than I'm used to.


I'm washing and preparing a massive mirror I found for use in scrying. I will also soon get my hands on a small frame to make a black mirror.


I've developing lesbian-related symbolic rituals to integrate into any fertility related group rituals I'll be doing in case my children participate in my celebration and worship any time soon, as well as coining a few creationism theories for them to think about when we discuss Evolution, The Judeo-Christian Adam & Eve Theory and the Goddess Theories.


I'm also developing an original dice system for divination. Currently, I'm working with 512 possible outcomes via 3d8 (three eight-sided dice). I hope to possibly expand this to 3d10 with even more outcomes possible, but not sure about that outcome.


I have started a blog as well, A Brew Blog, for putting my tried-and-true recipes and simple spellwork to share with others. Feel free to check it out at http://chefaimei.blogspot.com/.


I've recently turned my dresser-top and top drawer into my Altar, instead of being stuck using the kitchen counter. My cats are enjoying messing it up Lol. I am now practicing with a Marid Djinni and am adding another to my 'collection' shortly. It seems to improve the potency of my practices wonderfully.


I plan to make a great deal of moon water tonight during the Supermoon on the Vernal Equinox. I will similarly make an equal amount of Dark Moon Water on the following New Moon.


Anyhow, I'm loving paganspace. If anyone wants photos of what I'm up to, feel free to ask! Everyone stay true and loving!

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