I'm working on an Ancestor's altar. I have pictures on the wall above the altar space. I some SOME items that belonged to a couple of the people but for the others, I'm going to put things on the altar that represent the people. For example, I had two great uncles who I loved dearly. One would always give me a quarter whenever I saw him. The other...I remember him buying me candy. Usually reese cups. So for them, I'm going to put a couple of quarters and a couple of those mini reese cups. I hope this is sufficient. I know it SHOULD be, but it feels somehow lacking. I just wish I had something that was actually connected to my family members. 

I've also been working on my altar for Lilith. It's constantly a work in progress, moving stones and items from one place to the other. I'm never fully satisfied with how things are placed. I'd love to be able to say it's finished. 

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Comment by Shanty on June 9, 2019 at 3:20pm

You remember your Great Uncles by those simple things, and they will recall that being their small token of love to you, it will work as a `correspondence`.

I think Any Altars a work in progress, cyclical, but always being changed, and added or subtracted from at any given timespace when it is utilised.

The Status Quo can never be the way of the Witch, the mundane is decline.

Comment by Enola Sage on June 19, 2019 at 3:25pm

Nobody could ever use the word "mundane" to describe ANY aspect of my life, lol


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