I decided that this summer I would volunteer with the county animal shelter. I went to orientation in May and I went to volunteer for the first time today. So many experiences, it's hard to put it in words. In the 4-5 hours that I was there I cleaned cages, saw sick kittens taken to be put down, found 2 dead tiny kittens in a cage with their adoptive mom, walked and bathed 3 dogs. Everytime I heard the buzzer sound I knew it was someone else at the back door to surrender a pet they can't keep or don't want. A news crew was there from a local tv station because a woman had been attacked by 3 dogs on her sidewalk and they were at the shelter, in the room for dogs that are under investigation. The man who took over the shelter this year is a man who truly loves animals and is trying to make the shelter a better place and find more homes for abandoned pets. The people who work there are kind and take care of the animals the best they can. They are so understaffed. Volunteers can take up a lot of the slack. Some people hate a shelter like this because they do put animals down when neccessary. But I hate the people who are causing the real problem; the people who are not spaying/neutering their pets, the people who let their dogs run free in packs, the people who don't get their pets vaccinated. I learned a lot in just the few hours I was there today. I'll probably go back Sunday; to clean a cage, walk and bathe a dog, show them that someone else cares. I'll do what I can to help, while the buzzer keeps buzzing at the back door.

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