Apollo And Artemis - Young Witch Question

I have started looking into dieties to incorporate into my practise.  Ive been involved in the craft for a couple years now and in my rituals ive just refered to the great moon goddess and horned one sun god.  This worked but I feel like my faith is growing and im starting to have more belief in folklore, myth, and legend and how they work in my magick.  So ive always known people have picked "Patron and Matron" God and Goddess's to work with and now ive done some reaserch on who i want to work with.  After some searching i have found Apollo and Artemis.  Twin brother and sister.  Now my question does it make sense to use them as my god and goddess in my craft even though they are brother and sister and not consorts?  From the research ive done I see most people choose a god and his consort but I didnt find any they i could really relate too until Apollo And Artemis.  They also do not come from the same background being as I am scottish and these dieites are greek.

Whats your opinon?

Should i pick consorts?

Does Background Matter?

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Comment by Light on July 8, 2018 at 12:18am
Aside to the Greek version there is in fact known Keltic Apollos - history suggests that these may have had little or anything to do with the Roman, and even much less the Greek, original.
In turn, the Kelts adopted Apollo into their ever-flexible pantheon, providing him with a Consort that the Roman/Greek classical Apollo actually lacked, but was considered necessary in the Keltic activities.
As with the Roman Apollo - both are a Divinity of Healing  and of Light, as well as Divinities of Hot Springs.....often used by the Kelts (as they are still done today).
Interesting to also note that Healing Springs/Hot 'Waters', were often re-titled with his name.

One such Divinity is known to be called Apollo Grannus - (Grannos - Grannon (Radiant) Grannus (Sun)), or as a full title - Apollo Grannus Mogounus - God of Healing Springs across Europe and Scotland, who was also the Consort of Sirona (seems to derive from the same source as the Irish Sun Goddess Grian.
 In Auvergne, France, he is honored in a Ritual in which sheaf's of grain were set on fire and people sang,:
“Granno, my friend; Granno, my Father; Granno, my Mother”.
There are other Keltic Divinities that are in fact paired with a given Consort...but as you were intrigued by Apollo - it seemed only fair to give that information as the more valuable.
In Scottish Text - (digging deep) there are resonating recognition..
GRANZEBENE, s. The Grampian mountains in Scotland.
“Tay risis far beyond the montanis of Granzebene fra Loch tay, quhilk is 23. mylis of lenth, and x. mylis of breid.” 
GRANZEBENE -  the mountains forming a boundary between the two great divisions of Scotland, derives from Keltic gram or grant, crooked, and ben, mountain; because these mountains are crooked. According to Baxter, q. Granni colles, comes from the Ancient worship ofApollo Grannus.
Additional text references that “the Grampian hills seem to imply the hills of warriors......” as, according toTorfaeus, “in the earliest times every independent leader was called Gram, and his soldiers Grams..."
Apollo Grannus, (as a Divinity) was also recorded in c1637, and being the named given to the young males of Scotland - the Warriors of the Mountain!!
If you dig about you will more than enough references for the Keltic Apollo and his Consort Sirona..


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