Sooo to follow up, I Fumigated my house and I have removed the trash. I have put my bed and frame against the wall for several days now ;( I also have been staying at a friends house .. PAUL. There are like a whole group of "black Women" following me around town, peeoping through my windows and they have even been in my room touching my clothes. They keep begging me for rides or walks to places around town and telling me to dress differently or talk differently or order things I don't want to order. 

I haven't had contacts or glasses for like 2 weeks and they keep telling me that some evil being is going to coneentrate itself around my house and go through the back of my brain /head and torture me to death because I cant see right.

Ive been really depressed lately and - jumping ahead in time- I do that sometimes when they get so concentrated in my body that I cant force myself back in it. Sometimes They put heavy boots in my lefs and diapers in my pants and poke and jab me throughout the day. 

I was hoping ( in my inner sanctum - mind) sometimes they cant really see my in there - that I could maybe pre setup a friendship with paul and a safe place to hide out but when I got there they were covering the place like maggats.Basically there were faces crawling all over the walls, even his fishn and rabbits were talking abou tdoing evil to others :( Sigh . I guess I should know better I mean there is no one in town that they haven't molested and they are covering the sky and roads.

I slept over with Paul - nothing happened but as soon as we laid down together one of them forced something over our heads it was like pinkish with graphlike stuff in it and a world or somethin.g They covered us up all over our bodies maybe 4-10 different people I felt totally lost and sad and they kept trying to have sex with both of us and told us that they would "just go away" but they had to make it seem really long vecause I am from hell and I would know that time was bad when they were there or something? The sleep was horrible I felt myself drifting up off the bed numerious times and I could ffeel every time I tried to sync back into my body they would start telling me they were going to hurt me so I kept rising out of my body. 

I got up quicly and left

Other notes.

A party of us went to NA in a locat church also. Something calling itself a duplicate from the future kept running into myself and my friends it put a body into me and started like thrusting ietself into me which felt kind of like laying in a pool of voimit while walking. They also tried to dress me in like bad closthes to demeant me. They followed us into the church like they didn't care and crawled all over lus during the meeting. The leader of the meeting - black male first time meeting. his eyes were covered in skin and he said he was my sons dead grandmother>

I will keep you posted,.

I hope things improve thought you who are listenting . A clear night /day is what I was bargaining for? For everyone human'demon

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Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on March 22, 2019 at 11:11am

also read this in company

Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on March 22, 2019 at 11:19am

I read the above cleaninsing … and immediately I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom and my password stopped working. Etc.

Comment by Consuelo Figueroa on March 27, 2019 at 6:43am

Those black women sounds, like perverts >:/

Comment by Shanty on May 12, 2019 at 2:09pm

Reading your blogs Elisabeth, you have a very busy mind, I hope that at some point you can find the peace that you crave so much and deserve.


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