Inspiration comes at strange times for me at least. This time I was at my grandma Wood's 90th birthday. I was sitting on the stage and I felt I should get my notebook and pen out, once I did I began to write about Hela.  A Norse underworld goddess.

I don't really know much about Hela, what I do know is that she is beautiful in her own way.  She is balance personified. Half white, half black or blue, half living and dying. half two different types of death, one, the blue or black of freezing the pale white of a spring or summer death. The two halves of the year represented in female form.

She is what we fear most and what we need to survive.  Death is apart of us, when we change for the better a part of us dies and falls away. Lightens our load and allows us to grow wings. When our whole body dies she comforts our soul with her embrace. 

I see her beauty in the gleaming white and graceful forms of bone.  The new growth in the ashes of a fire. The flourishing growth of flora sprouting from the resting place of the dead. The crumbling ruins being taken back by nature.

She takes our loved ones away from their pain. She welcomes them to her hall, reunites them with those they lost.  She allows them to comfort us with their memory, comforts them when they miss us.

As ruthless as she is, Hela is beautiful in her own way.

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