So lately I have been referring to the cards a lot. The Tarot has always called me and my readings are always quite acurate. But, I still am not off book. That is to say I still have to refer to the meanings of the cards from my Book of Shadows. So, as I have a little time on my hands at the moment I decided to try to get off book. However, the set of cards that I use are not very expressive. I have the Tarot of the Witches. It was the one Jane Seymore used in Live and Let Die, not a reason why I bought it I might add!! They called to me in the pagan store oh so many years ago and I have always used them well.... but I can't get a feel for the minor arcana without extra visual help!

I have found that the one set of cards is the only one I can use. A friend once gave me another set, but I just couldn't get my energies into them or read them. Before my current set I owned the Mystic Tarot and I couldn't work with those either. So to aid my learning, instead of buying a new set that I couldn't work with I have decided to make my own :-) I am an artist, but I'm feeling lazy so didn't want to draw my own (I don't have THAT much time on my hands!) so I found some line art of tarot cards that I like and am using that. I have designed the back on Photoshop and printed them out. ow all I have to do is colour them in. Then I am going to laminate them and bless them - one set of learning cards! I think I'm going to make them a special bag too. Then I can use them as a travel set for when I'm working! Hoorah!!

I love being crafty some times!!

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