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Greetings & Good Morning, I wanted to send out a post today to invite you to visit my website. I also wanted to give you some insight to WHY we are the Best in the World. Well, like 2 other popular candles businesses- We DO NOT use Paraffin, Paraffin causes cancer & bothers some asthmatics and others who suffer from allergies. Also, we Do Not use Bees Wax-Why? Because it has been proven we are losing our Bees! So, We use Soy & Vegetable oils along with other natural mineral oils, this makes our candles-Allergen Free, Bio-degradable, non-toxic! so you get a safer, cleaner, healthier, better burning candle. They have 100% Cotton Wicks- No Zinc, No Lead! I ask you...Why would you use anything else? Our prices are the same if not cheaper then the 2 leading popular candle businesses! And our candles burn all the way to the bottom-nothing is left but a clean jar! and from start to finish you have a Wonderful inviting scent. You get your money's worth. I carry over 90 delicious scents. These are so can wipe them up with a soapy cloth if spilt. You cant do that with other candles! I ask again, Why would you NOT want to burn these in your home? I also carry Soaps, Lotions, Air Freshners & Mineral Make-up. All made clean & natural. View for yourself...please visit my website at : here you can read about our great company and all about the products. We have a wonderful new candle called "HOPE" in respects to breast cancer awareness. We take a percentage of the money from the sales of our scent called "Honey Bee Vanilla" & put it into research to find out why Mother Earth is Losing Her Bees. So many wonderful things this company can offer you, I'm inviting you to check us out, my name, Rosalinda and phone number is located on top of the web page, if you have any questions about my products. This company started in 2002, Im helping to get the word spread about these wonderful products to help us all "GO GREEN" when it comes to using candles. While you are on the web page, click tiny candle to be entered into a Drawing for FREE CANDLES! And the next time to light a candle, please remember, if it's not a Mia Bella/Wick N Wax could be harming you instead of helping. Good Luck with the drawing and I hope I have opened your choices, when it comes to lighting up~by the way...we have simmers & melts if fire is not your thing. If you know anyone who is looking to be their own boss, wanting to spend more time with their family at home, get paid what they are worth & have more fun....please have them contact me through email, phone or when you enter contest, it will ask you what your interested in.
Blessings to you all, Thank you for taking the time to read~Have A Beautiful Samhain/Halloween !

Rosalinda- Wick N Wax )0(

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