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I consider all cats to be magical but black cats in particular.I have to have at least one black cat around for protection... see years ago when I was 12 my sis and I rescued a little black kitten anmed Shadow. Shadow saved us from a house fire by alerting my mom and shegot us out of the house in the nick of time..From then on I've always had black cats and they make darn good familiars too.
Black cat money spelll
At midnight, put salt on the back of your black cat and stroke it.. visualing money that you need..(make up your own chant
~Magickal Graphics~

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Comment by Mysterious Lady on October 23, 2012 at 12:27am

a friend of mine had posted on facebook a black kitten.. it was dressed up for halloween. had bat wings.. was cute. i had posted the kitty on daughters profile cuz she loves cats. but did it with a comment saying that i wanted a cat that black... later on same day.. daughter was outside with her boyfriend, and a black cat came right up to the door. She has now become our family pet.. :)


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