Building a strong relationship with Lilith

I've really been working on my spiritual life, being a stronger and more grounded person. I'm trying to maintain focus and I think that I've done really well since making the connection with Lilith. I've welcomed her into my life and work with her daily, or as my own imperfect life allows. One thing I'm doing is building a rosary ritual. Yeah, so far I'm using a typical catholic rosary but I don't feel any conflict with that. The cross is a symbol and that symbol means nothing to me from a spiritual viewpoint. I find that the beads help me focus. Besides, it's not like the beads are blessed by some judeo-christian clergy member. The beads have been cleansed and consecrate and I've charged them for use in my own personal rituals. I feel good about this, though I would like to have a rosary that is made especially for Lilith, with a sigil of Lilith instead of a cross. 

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Comment by Karen Black on June 7, 2019 at 6:25pm

Could you buy some wooden beads from a craft shop and carve or paint your own symbols on them? Or carve your own choice of symbols on an existing necklace of yours and then dedicate it to Lilith?


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