I hate swear words in books,  esp. back to back.  And the 2 big ones.  I think it ruins the book.  It's probably why I favor female writers over male writers.   I think it's because I grew up in the Pentacostal church were swearing is a sin and could lead you to lead.   I grew up not cussing.  Also, I get in a meditative state while reading, so the cussing comes across as too negative and it really throws me off.  Unless it's funny, ofc.  You could get away with anything with me, if you're funny.   But when it's not funny, then swearing comes across as too negative.   And I'm in a very strong meditative state while reading.  Even though I'm paying detailed attention to what I'm reading.  Though, it's different when it's funny.  Like the Japanese character Shitto-pee.  Or whatever her name was from the manga REBORN.   Her name was basically "Shit pee" in English XD  I couldn't stop laughing at such adolescent humor.   But still, I like some grace when reading.  I like it when the words have a nice beautiful flow.  And when the words have such a nice beautiful flow.  It's hard not to get in a hypnotic trance.   And I actually remember what I'm reading better when there's a nice flow to it.   Cussing just ruins the flow of serenity. And yes, even when I'm reading about murders, I still like a good flow.  Like Emily Rodda or Caleb Carr.  Murders and violence happens, but it happens with a good flow and no need for cussing.  Also, cussing takes away from arguments, too.  To me, the person who has the most grace is the person who really has won an argument.  To me, a person who starts cussing is a person who can't hold themselves together and maintain good self-control.  It's not to say I don't cuss at all.   Just not ever other word.  It's mostly done when I'm really angry OR among good friends.  (But usually when I'm extremely angry or happy.) 

It makes me appreciate how in France, Germany, Japan and in other foreign countries there is Familiar speech and Polite speech.  I guess you could say that I agree with that concept.  To me, it is nicer if people come maintain polite speech unless they are familiar with a person.  But when you barely know somebody and they're cussing, they just seem far too negative.  But when you're familiar with them, it's different.   Because people would always judge you by the first impression that they have of you.  So, it's good not to be too negative right off the bat.  And when there's a gazillion swear words and I've only read 5 pages of a book, it just seems too negative.   To me, cussing when I barely know you it's not much different then, I just met you and you are telling me all about your horrible day and every single bad thing that happened to you and how life has done you wrong.  It's better, in my opinion, to start with polite speech.  Then ease those words out when the more and more familiar you are with the person.  Though, no matter how much one cusses and swears, they would probably always be lovable if they're funny.  It's easy to love somebody who makes you laugh no matter how perverted the jokes are and no matter how swear words used because it's good to be around people who make you feel good.

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