i just thought i would take a moment to reflect on this year...it has been one of astounding growth for me. i never thought so much could happen to me spiritually in just a few months. i have found an inner peace that i never thought i could ever feel. i have learned to truly let go and let the Goddess work Her magik in my life. i have let go of so much bad stuff and taken in so much new, good stuff. i am still amazed at all the has changed just since this past summer...thats when this really all started happening. this truly has been a year of huge changes for me. i am grateful and peaceful and much happier in so many ways. i am much more comfortable in my own skin. i no longer wish to crawl out of it! i am easier with people in general, i am no longer judgmental with others and myself. I am calm and more in touch with my own feelings. i dont let my emotions run me half as much as they did. i smile a whole lot and laugh even more! wow!! what a year this has been!!! i have so much to be grateful for!! )O(

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