I have to apologize; even though I'm almost positive that no one has missed me on here yet, I have to admit that I forgot about this account for a little bit. But all is well, and I thank you all for such a warm welcoming. I hope to be on here much more often, speaking to my kin of soul. But guess what all? I will be attending Sacramento State University in the fall, and will be in a place of my own, along with my dear love Sam. <3 We have been planning this for a while, and have been carefully planning, while asking for the spirits' help as well. I think it is working, because a friend gave me an angel tarot reading, and I received the Angel of Manifestation card. I simply can't get too much concerned about everything, so I'm allowing myself to put blinders on so I can focus on business first and foremost, and will later enjoy blessing and sprucing up the new place, settling into a job and my new school with my AMAZING new voice teacher. XD Did I mention she's amazing? Because she is. :3 Comfort of the night hold you, as it will for me tonight. )O(

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