First of all, I would really like information as to what this really means. The reason I ask is because it is a term that I am hearing a lot lately. Though the information is not too much for myself. More and more, I have people coming to me asking me advice on how they should begin their Christian Path as a practicing Pagan/Witch. Strangely enough, I dont hear much of anyone wanting to be Christo-Wiccan.

I personally have a different definition for each term, but I digress. I am at a loss for what to tell those how come to me for advice on this subject. The main reason being that in my personal opinion, I believe that to be a contradiction in terms. I do let this be known publicly, yet I also tell them that if they truly feel called to this path, then may the Goddess smile upon them. This mainly comes from a slight bitterness towards Christians which I hate to admit as I do try to love and respect everyone equally.

Getting back on topic, I would really appreciate anyone who has knowledge about this subject to get back to me. I will admit that I am asking this mainly for those who come to me for advice, I too am a little curious.

Blessed Be from me to thee.
Ares Eros )O(

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Comment by Dragonhawk /|\ on November 24, 2009 at 1:17am
im not against the practice of christo-pagans, its just a really bad combo, considering the fact that christians are pretty much against every practice of paganism so why conflict and converge the two, u kno? Its like mixing gun powder with fire, or being a yankee and red sox fan, a wolverines and buckeyes fan, etc...u get the idea,lol....its just a bad combo, and the ideas and concepts of each side conflict with one another........but i hear ya, i hate hearing about it as makes absolutely no sense to be in any way at all,lol....i too have somewhat of a chip on my shoulders towards christians, but thats just me, i hate to be so casual and public about it but i dont hide emotions, and i have every right to have those emotions so i just express them when neccasary.....
Comment by Brandon Pickett on November 24, 2009 at 1:19am
This was the stage I underwent as I furthered myself from Christianity (The Lady help me), and ventured into the pagan practices. I called myself a Christian Witch, but I understand it a little more now. Though Christians can be witches, it is against their biblical code to practice in any way. The Bible clearly states that Jesus tells us not to seek out medium or familiar.

Personally, I'd tell them to continue their reading until they can decide which they believe more. You should inform them that according to their original (Christian) beliefs, it is a sin to seek knowledge of our customs.
Or, at the very least, that the Church frowns upon it.

If they decide to stick with their beliefs, you must be tolerant. Keep that in mind. Give them your blessings, and move on. If they choose otherwise, I would suggest some reading, whether it be Silver Ravenwolf or Oberon Zell (though he writes about wizardry and the like, there are a few decent explanations in his books.)
Comment by Brighid's Flamekeeper a.k.a Cyn on November 24, 2009 at 1:22am
Dragonhawk not every Christian is against the practice of paganism. Witchcraft has been mixed with Christianity for a very long time so it's not impossible.

Ares try reading Christo-Paganism by River and Joyce Higgenbothom. It just came out this year and I was able to speak to them and sit in on a discussion at St Louis Pagan picnic a few years ago. I havent bought the book yet but it's on my wish list.

And no I'm not a Christo-Pagan..I just find it a good idea to learn about a subject before I talk about it.
Comment by Brighid's Flamekeeper a.k.a Cyn on November 24, 2009 at 1:24am
Another good book is Esoteric a lot with Ceremonial magic and Mysticism working with the Arc Angels, recognizing the Feminine Divine in either the Shekeinah, the Virgin Mary, the Sophia or Mary Magdalene.
Comment by Dragonhawk /|\ on November 24, 2009 at 2:21am
Libra, i kno ive stated that christian dont accept the practice of the occult and witchcraft, but what i meant is that for christians, it is explained as 'forbidden'......what people believe and incorporate in there practices is up to them, but what i meant is that the christian church itself is against it and are very closed-minded towards it, i mean if a christian walks up to a priest after church and say he/she wanted start practicing and studying paganism also what do u think the priests reaction would be?lol.....all im saying is that the church doesnt not encourage the idea of being both.....its the church im refurring to, not christians, but these are also the things that are taught to people in church, so things tend to rub off on ya after a while and u begin to carry on those traits as well. I mean, the whole entire christian religion was shaped around paganism, most of its concepts, ideas, and beliefs are pagan-based, they took most of there ideas from paganism.....does christmas ring a bell?lol.
Comment by Narked Duvêl on November 24, 2009 at 3:08am
Well yes you all are right about the church rejecting anything about paganism. is mentioned more than once in the bible that christ was the medium
that god created. except for the catholic church, every denomination recognizes christ as the only medium between us and god.

It is stated that the manner in which we worship the trinity "god, christ, the holy spirit"
is up to us. Not exact words and not necessarily ordained by the churches of christianity but it is in the bible, of that i am sure.

Yes there are a lot of practices that are pagan that have been adopted by the church.
Libra thats a good reference. I was about to mention it myself lol.
The best thing to do is to read and research what you are practicing/path. Or what you are planning to practice/path. Knowledge furthers your power in the path you are following no matter what you practice or how you practice. Knowledge is power in the way of what one believes.
Comment by Narked Duvêl on November 24, 2009 at 5:19am
well im talking the broader more known denominations...Catholics...pentecostals...baptists...lutheran...Assemby of God
you know...the larger more orginized...and more widley recognized denominations...
Comment by Ares Eros on November 24, 2009 at 11:08pm
I do agree with Libra Witch's comments, though I would have to say that personally, I would have more in common with Dragonhawk on this one. Though taking all this information into consideration, I have to ask this question...

Is it just me or does Christianity sound like the biggest paradigm ever created. The phrase "God told me to hate you." rings more and more true every day. At least it does when I catch a quick minute of my father (who is devout modern Christian) watching O'Riley. My father, just like most who go to church and pray daily etc., hate certain things because it is told in their Bible that they are suppose to hate them.

I, myself realize that the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, yet how many modern practicing christians know this? People (like my father) believe that you should take the Bible at face value and you cannot go wrong. My grandmother is another example. She also believes that the bible is perfect in every way and claims that she is often possessed to speak in tongues, and that speaking in tongues means that you are that close to God.

Also, I have one more random question. If the pentacle was originally a Christian symbol, then why did the church do away with it? (I know I am an inquisitive little bugger tonight lol)


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