Continuing story on Ghosts and activity in the Local Mall etc.

Continuation from the forum.

So anyway I went back to my hometown and (after exiting the horrendous possessed bus) I went home- again I had to REMIND everyone that the Baphomet - pentagram is /was buried behind the house. When I got off the bus- something saying it was DeVito  got off the bus with me. It felt like it was maybe laying into my body in a way like a very heavy weight or something? I kept pausing to maybe - allow it to get off? but it kept following me up the hill to my house. I don't know what the equipment was that it was using - maybe something electrical from a spaceship?? I mean it like struck out at automobiles all over the corner and then It said it took over a human at the gas station and also the car and then turned into Mark Peligrino and left- because I don't have enough money or cars for THe - PAN I guess>>> to party with or something. 

Anyway I went to my home- I currently have my TV unplugged and no fans running to cut down on the vibrations - they seem to make my headaches etc wors. And the spirits or etcs get more excitable when they are on. Im also trying to live healthier and possibly lose weight.

So as soon as I walked throught the door a "spirit" calling itself by my nieces name ( charlotte) decided to take over my body so she could kick and manuvear her "body" around my kitchen/// I am extremely exasperated with this entity it is constantly "rising up" it calls it to bother me and force me to relive past life experiences and memory recall. I wish it and my niece would just die to be frank. So I went into the bathroom and it felt like a force field was in there between me and the bath tub I could see a goldish tinge to it. I basically gave up on going in there because she wouldn't shut up or remove herself from where I wanted to get in the bathtub. Sh

She then attempted to force me to go to the grocery store ( I had no money??) so I 

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Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on December 6, 2018 at 12:09pm

So to continue on with my adventures in Olean. Well the bus rides are still atrocious, everyone AND everything on the bus talks to me at times. I keep telling people I am a Priestess and I don't want to hear their stories about coming back from the dead and worshiping (their) version of the God PAN. I mean in my kind of knowledge he is kind of a nice gentle creature but not in this area :( My mom and I went to the mall that I mentioned. there was some improvement  I went shopping at Kohls and their was some REALLLY friendly entities there it kind of felt like they were sexually advancing on me and my 82 year old mom. I felt like a bunch of really strange heat and light sensations and also dizzy and strangely happy. 

My boyfriend as moved from where I used to live to Olean- the city with the mall. he is now walking me to get the bus sometimes to try to protect me from the nasty beings that frequent the mall. There are like Shadow Beings, Hat man, time travelers GOOOOOOD GOD I hate to hear about time travelers, I mean I have traveled in time but these beings basically never know what year they came from, what they were doing while they were time traveling or who they visited? Yuck.. Also some of them are SHADOW Stalkers- I have some hanging around my trees and brushes in the front yard ( I guess to check were I buried my Baphomet necklace?  I may even havbe been contacted by the grim reaper or Stalking Death. For like 2 weeks I kept having conversations with something saying I owed the PAN community my death to cure them. They are such retards.  Well anyway, I just found a program through the state (ny) that might pay for my college so I am super excited to see if it will allow me a full caseload in the spring! Be blessed and stay strong!

Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on December 11, 2018 at 10:30am

So more on my comfrontational spirits encounters. So over the weekends a new bevy of SPIRITS or PANS appeared via space, one impersonating my friends dead mother … Communicated with them for numerous hours about my SOns Elis Malcolm and Niles and little gray and several others impersonating "adam" and some dead people from my childhood church showed. The "black lady " stranger kept crossing her arms and refusing to leave the room. I finally gave up on convincing them to leave and decided to buy 8 pints of salt and spread it all over my house - in the windowsills and in a block around the bed. The female ones got VERY beligernt- and hot spots appeared around my side table and walls. YUCK. ALso decided to go attend church for awhile and get in touch with my "higher power " and the archangels! HOpe I can get rid of these parisitis!

Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on December 11, 2018 at 10:34am
Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on December 24, 2018 at 2:25pm

So going on with my harem of Spirits and beings calling themselves PAN. Basically I keep having these urges to meet like tons of men and party for days its like being possessed. Every time Im on the bus to school it gets like hot and then cold and I have these weird conversations with someone or something I think its an alien. It could be my dead ex TOM though sometimes I feel him around me for days. I also have a spirit that basically is an INCUBUS he sleeps with me at night and basically takes over like everyone around me to talk to me. We are getting frustrated though because one boyfriend isnt enough for us. the boyfriend I have is ok with me seeing other people so I am looking at other prospects. I wish he would lighten up hes really uptight sometimes :(


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