Hello! My name is Charles Pieper. I am an animator/filmmaker who has had a life long love for Cryptozoology and all things mysterious and as such has been an avid reader of your site.

I am writing you now for I am working on an upcoming animated show that is all about cryptozoological creatures...It is called 'Q.R.V!' and you can check out its trailer here:


The trailer features the main character, Roderick Templeton, coming across the Flatwoods Monster, a Ningen, the Mothman, and a few Chupacabras!

The tone of the show is humorous though I hope it may become educational as well, in terms of getting new people interested in cryptozoological studies. In no way am I attempting to poke fun at it as it is something I have been fascinated by and read up on my whole life.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful writings and research for sure! Do stay in touch.

Sincerely, Charles Pieper

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