~crone wisdom~ november 26


Thanksgiving Prayer
To the oceans and bays, to the currents and streams, to the quiet pools and lakes,
To the fish, big and small, who have given of themselves that others may live,
To the whales, our cetacean relatives, for their wisdom and the lessons of family they have taught us, for the gift of life they have given us,
and to their cousins and our relatives, the dolphins, for the joy they have brought us, and the sense of Purpose they have shown us.
To the Corn Mother and the yellow maize,
To the fruits and the berries,
To the medicinal plants and trees,
To the forests and the Standing Nations, for the shelter they provide and the air we breathe.
To the animals, great and small, who have served for food and given unselfishly of themselves that we may live, and who have shared with us their power and their wisdom.
To the birds, great and small, whose feathers adorn us and serve as intercessors of our prayers, lifting our words to the heavens,
To the eagle whose bold flight inspires.
To the tiny insects who help keep the balance,
To our Father, the Sky, who protects us and our Mother Earth,
To our elder relative, the mighty Sun,
which sustains us with light and warmth,
To the sacred Moon, who influences the movement of the waters, and the cycles of women and men and harvest.
To the great winds that sweep away the illusions of our world and of our self-..importance, and to the gentle breezes that caress our senses.
To the Thunder Beings,
To our relatives and messengers who dwell among the Stars,
And to the Great Holy Mystery who exists within all things and is the life in all things, whose abundance provides all that is useful and who is forever the source and ruler of health and life...

Thank you!


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