I've decided, as part of my routine, to try and continually update those of you who may be worried about me as to my progress each day of these next twelve weeks. As you can imagine, my first day was hell. I can't remember the last time I woke up in this much pain. It's about 5:33 AM here in Wasilla, Alaska and I'm getting ready to start day two. I've lost 3 lbs already and plan on continuing on to my goal of 242 lbs by February. *Now at 301*

Judging by raw strength I'm not doing nearly as bad as I thought, and I kept up with my trainer better than he thought I would, *though he doesn't know I'm a former cancer patient* all and all I'd have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself thus far. It will certainly prove to be interesting as time goes on, I hope I don't wear myself out to the point where I can't finish that Robot for my little brother...

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Comment by Jackie Drunken Owl on November 30, 2010 at 10:03am
Be nice to your body! I completely understand why you wouldn't be so willing to tell your PT that you are a cancer survivor...just be careful! Good for you, you have far more will than I. Good luck and many blessings!


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