Do they really think I am that dumb?????

So I have 2 other roommates that I share the house with...what dumb founds me is that they want to split the engery bill 1/2 instead of 3 ways....I had put my foot down and told them no, I will not pay for one of them to be a dead beat...I also advised them I will be mailing my money into xcel directly and WILL NOT be giving them the here are the nice little texts they sent me while I was at work last I look at these messages and laugh really hard. So we will be going to court since I will not pay a 1/2 of the bill but willing to 1/3 of the bill. Mind you all the other bills will be split 1/3.

On 8/13/09 boy roommate had advised the Xcel bill was due. I only agreed to pay 1/3 of the Xcel bill. There are 3 grown adults who all use the electricity and gas in Saint Paul, MN 55107. I had advised the roommates that I will be mailing my portion into the Xcel directly.

From girl roommate on 8/13/09 Texted to xxx xxx-xxxx
Fwd: From: girl roommate Sent: Aug 12 5:12PM Msg: You will pay half. And if you dont want to we will take you to court. My sisters husbands a lawyer. You can do it the hard way or the easy way. It really dont
Fwd: From: girl roommate Sent: Aug 12 5:12PM Msg: Matter to me.

From boy roommate on 8/13/09 Texted to xxx xxx-xxxx
Fwd: From: xxx-xxx-xxxx Sent: Aug 12 5:14PM Msg: You like making things difficult. U r not on the excel account so u can't
(2/2) pay them direct. U need girl rommate's info to do that. Get money order n she will mail it in
Fwd: From: xxx-xxx-xxx Sent: Aug 12 5:18PM Msg: U should have put it in ur name if u knew u was going to make things
(2/2) difficult. We have someone ready to move in right now if u wanna move out

Now mind you I don't pay them rent, I pay my

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on August 13, 2009 at 7:00am
smart thinking , and your right paying your share , sounds like someone is dropping the ball and wanting you to pay the tab or carry them and I would not do this either . make sure you have your ducks in a roll , smart paper works makes them look like fools * winks * sarry your have trouble with ear-responisible people ever one would love a free ride .
Comment by Sabreena Barton on August 13, 2009 at 8:35am
I don't see why you can't pay as long as you have the account number. As for why they want you to pay half on that bill but not the others, well, it really doesn't make sense. They don't have a prayer of making a fuss, only hype and blather!
Comment by Blodeuwedd on August 13, 2009 at 11:19am
What is their reasoning behind you paying half? I am so confused by this. Stand your ground...they seem a like short bus window lickers ...just my take.


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