Hello everyone it's the first time I write on this site, I'm a self made witch if you want to call me that I start my own path on the road of the goddess.
Anyway tonight I had a dream,
I was walking and saw a person that I knowed long ago, she was greeting me but at some point she attack me and start to say weird things to me, like where is your false God andother thing but I can't really remember them but i know I heard a low voice coming from her and her eyes where lightin up. She pushed me on a wall and she wanted to throw me down a bridge I was really scared but when I was to give up a person that I never seen in my life, a man, appeared beside me and said, pray to the goddess and she will go away, say your protective spell a cast your circle, with a calm and soothing voice so I did and the demon disappeared and so was the man. After that the dream continues a bit then I waked up. Please someone can help me find a meaning in this? I feel really strange now

Bless everyone

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Comment by Chudo on September 17, 2017 at 2:36pm

this is a common things demons do, they attack you, feed you lies, then save you. This "goddess" is just a demon they fooled you into giving her power by doing what they needed of you. this is how they get so many people, they pretend to be good then tell you to do something, then save you. if they were "good" you wouldnt have had to do anything, they just wouldve saved you

Comment by Pauline on September 17, 2017 at 3:50pm
So basically the demon and the goddess that I prayed in the dream are the same? She scare me to death just to meke me pray for her and thing that she's good? It could be right but why say words like "where is your false God?"
Comment by Dave Pellani on September 20, 2017 at 9:45pm

"Please someone can help me find a meaning in this?"

I find no meaning at all. This sounds like something common to the dream state, and my guess is that it really means nothing other than a typical dream episode.

I this keeps happening, though, (not necessarily the same dream) I would take it that your dream state will be relatively active,  which I would consider to be a good sign. A more activated dream state will sometimes produce prognosticative dreams that may forewarn you of events that will actually happen. Positive things are nice, but there will also be negative things.

This is something that will affect you for your entire life, being an occult practitioner, you may be born with it, or you may acquire this dream enhancement through certain types of ritual practice.  

Comment by Pauline on September 21, 2017 at 11:04am
This happened to me often, I've been chased by various thing but I always thought that it was due to stress or sadness but in those cases I've always dreamed snakes that protect me and surround me, even if in real life I have a phobia of them ( in fact in the dream I often run away at first) these things happen quite a lot to me but never like this, with a clear voice and such a bad intention.


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