Eastern versus Western and SAVED??? Religious versus Spiritual thoughts... in progress....

Saved???What is the difference if all is to be a path to enlightenment; where do the roads split into the fork. Why is there such discrepency with such nice and good fluffy morals and ideals... and then why are some exhalted over the others???
Was Mohamed Islamic? Was Jesus a Christian??? I was watching the History Channell this AM (their classroom show was so interesting) Eastern philosophies.
When Buddha was dying, some one asked him what he was, a god, a saint... He finally just replied, AWAKENED. The ultimate state.

And when you think about it... Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, where just that Awakened, and Elightened to their own true nature. many times the 'sins' that are there are not that of the actual physical nature, but that of thought, emotion and attachements. Letting go of such and chosing a path, can lead one to a 'moral' and 'sinless' life.
Happiness is fleeting suffering is perpetual, if you choose to realize these states, and if you choose to acknowledge such... or you can recognize it for what it is the moment.... AND, with out dark, would we recognize light, and the out light would we recognize the darkness?

The other observation made, was that Hindu and Buddist have been living together for over 4 or 5, 000 years(corrections, anyone?), and yet no religious wars or killings were recorded (there was fighting but over land) and there was mutual interchange of philosophies and practices... you did not see Zen Buddhist going to war with Taoist.
Killing and waring and the elevation of beliefs over another is purely a Western thing. The belief that one group was CHOSEN over all others, and the infidels or unfaithful were unclean, wicked or unworthy, and we see this almost exclusively in the abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Islam and Chritianity. Jews and Muslims, Muslims and Hindus, Christians and Muslims, Christians and Christians, Everyone and the Pagans....
Even Pagans, heathens and other Earthbased Faiths did not kill because of faith, it was waring over material, land, food, in most cases.

What is the intention of such wars? is it really to save the other or dirt? or Gold, or just to make them seem right??
and what is this done by murdering? against all of their basic tentants, their common threads; each worshiping the interpretations of the same Being.... why then 'save' the other thru death? If the wages sin pays is death as stated in the later scriptures... then let each individual pay that toll for themselves, why forcibly rob such of the individual? what is the dogma, and the pragmatics that drive such well, almost evil intentions... is this 'blessed sin' ???

Of course I sin, I stumble, I digress and transgress, the issue is, I do not INTEND to do such to harm myself or others, and that is where I find My own correction; in the will and intent to live 'better' or in a 'purer' state of thought and expression.
Recognizing and respecting anothers humanity and dignity is just as 'holy' in my mind.
I find lessons are some times ignore or over looked or, yes, I then SIN by not recognizing or intentionally over look such a lesson; trangressing against self.

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Comment by Yarom on November 20, 2008 at 10:27pm
Comment by Yarom on November 20, 2008 at 10:30pm
Comment by Wonderlust on November 21, 2008 at 12:16am
Thank you yarom, I am of the opinion that this warring is more imposed by the West is not that far off, the Buddhist and Hindu (who do have gods of destruction, war and death) will war, but a reasonable conclusion can be that they have been over all relatively peacable amongst themselves.
And they will bless and offer solace and support to their own troops, many buddhists monks have and are now ready to take up arms in Tibet, as they have been invaded and ruled by a regime that is intollerant if not bent on thier own destruction.

The Intention Experiement this September I was able to participate in was targeting Sri Lanka and that very region. The war has been fought for 25 years, the result was that there was a significant drop in the month of intention in that area in not only war related deaths but also the amount of attacks and aggressions on both side of the conflict. What a shame too as this is one of the most beautiful region of the world.


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