Everything I ever need to know I learned watching Babylon -5-

There’s enough guilt in the world to go around without grabbing for more.

Find something worth living for instead of something worth dying for.

Life is Life whether it’s wrapped in skin, scales or feathers.

The power of one mind can change the universe.

Love knows no borders.

Sometimes “peace” is another word for surrender.

Don’t make promises life won’t let you keep.

Laughter is better then pills for what ails you.

Always leave a little room for people to disappoint you.

Never fear answers, Fear running out of questions.

Understanding is a three edged sword. (Your side, their side and the truth.)

The longer a terrible secret is held, the more painful it is to revel it.

Secrets have a way of getting out.

What we hold sacred gives our lives meaning.

What makes us human is that we care, and because we care, we never stop trying.

Similarity is not required to express compassion.

We create the future with our words, with our thoughts, with our deeds, and with our beliefs.

We are all star stuff.

Faith manages.

The Universe knows what it’s doing.

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Comment by danny buyck on July 1, 2011 at 11:14am


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