Feast of Het-Hert (Hathor) and Sekhmet; Day of prolonging life and the goodness of Ma'at

13 day of Tybi 5109 ( 28th November 2009)

Feast of Het-Hert (Hathor) and Sekhmet; Day of prolonging life and the goodness of Ma'at

It was a great day as the followers of these three great Goddesses of the kemetic faith marked their feast day here at the mother temple.

Pharaoh Barry & his procession made their way from temple house to the gates of the mother temple. Where the were greeted by the High Priestesses of the three Goddesses who had been waiting at the gates to the outer court of the mother temple.

Pharaoh Barry greeted them & gave them his blessings as the procession entered the outer court to the cheers of the gathered crowds many of who where holding images of their patron Goddess.

The crowds though did have a underlying concern to it today with continued rumours that the Goddess Sekhmet was displeased 7 that the horrific weather condition that we had witnessed on her festival days where a mark of this anger. Many had been reminded of her role as the destroyer & the fear was in the air that her anger was in the air all around.

The Pharaohs procession then made its way into the temples inner court where the Priestess’s of the three Goddesses greeted Pharaoh Barry as he made his way across the inner court 7 entered each or the Goddesses inner sanctums in turn communing with each Goddess as he did so.

The waiting crowds waited with anticipation as their pharaoh talked to the Goddesses on their behalf & also learning from the Goddesses, what they expected form their followers in the year that was to come. After he had talked to each Goddess The Pharaoh made an offering to each on behalf of the people.

Finally, Pharaoh Barry emerged back in the inner court where he addresses the gathered priestesses. It was at this point that he told them that in general all three Goddesses where happy with thing & the way that they the priesthood had acted in their names over the year. However, Sekhmet was in deed angered at the way many of the faithful have lapsed in their devotions & at the fact that many had failed in their duty to try to help non-believers back to the right path.
Pharaoh Barry confirmed that she had demonstrated her anger & just a fraction of her great powers of destruction over the past few weeks. However, she had told him that she would not unleash any more of her powers of destruction on the world as long as she could see that man was learning his lesson again & would not fall back into the days when she walked the earth to avenge the great insults that man committed against the God Ra.

It was at this point that Pharaoh called on the priesthood to go t their temples throughout the temples of the federation & call the faithful to them & open their doors to those who where in need of guidance back to the right path of all men.

Pharaoh Barry then commanded the priestesses to go forth to make the offering to the three Goddesses.

Once this was done, the Priestesses proceeded to purify the ground & air of the inner court before the three Goddesses came forth from their sanctuary’s to be with their follower on their feat day.

As the 3 Goddesses came forth into the inner court a great fanfare sounded to tell all that they had come forth & to make ready for their procession from the inner court out to the outer court where they would receive the offerings of their faithful & give their great blessings to all.

The gates of the inner court opened & the great procession of the three Goddesses came forth lead by the Pharaoh & the High Priestesses to the great cheers of all gathered on this great day.

The faith full then came forth to make their offerings to the Goddesses after which the procession returned to the inner court where the Goddesses attended a great feast in their honours in the inner court banqueting halls attended by their priesthood 7 the Pharaoh the Tajaty & others of the Grand & high Council.

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