Because I have something interesting to say and no where to say it!

So, for once Yahoo Answers actually had good advice!

One user posted back to a person asking advice on how to finalize a Motivation Spell he’d been writing, and his/her answer was to make a magical pact with his Motivation Spell.

Take parchment paper and ink out everything you want to do (that the lack of motivation is stopping you from) and bury the parchment below a seed. As the plant grows, it will symbolize everything you envisioned being able to get done.

He replied to this saying it was not only a great idea but by the time he was done, he would have a whole garden of spells.

Now I thought this was just a lovely idea, a spell garden! And I’m sure it’s already been done but it was news to me. Every magical little plant, first started out as a seed, not just literally but figuratively, as the mind who planted the spell planted it with a seed of thought as to what they wish to happen. Every time you take care of your plant, you’re bonding with it in such a way, because it symbolizes something that wish to have or be. It gives a new importance to respecting your garden.

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Comment by Amanda Noelle on May 17, 2012 at 9:14pm

*gasp* IT'S GLORIOUS!!


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