I'm not sure what y'all typically blog about here, I'm trying to find a place in this community. So far I've only failed. Doesn't really help that I keep forgetting about this site. Oops. xD;

I'll probably just make some random posts of my practice and share with you guys some of what I do. Maybe just my spells and more positive things, since I get a feeling I might get bothered over anything of the other. I might even talk some about my faith~!

Currently planning a poppet doll to hopefully, maybe help someone get out of a coma in as okay of shape as possible. It's not looking good and it's in me to try as well as I can to help out. I don't know him personally, but I know a couple of his family and I hate to see them sad over it. I wanna bring back some hope to this situation.

This probably deserves it's own post, huh? :P

Some things about myself as an introduction... Hm, well, my faith is Huntwitch, which is a religious witchcraft. I'm dreaming of a tree-house with a garden and property for hunting and horses and trail riding and my life. It's a farfetched dream, but maybe not that far since my boyfriend also wants a tree-house (why I love this man, yes). Currently unemployed, working on fixing that. For now I'm a lazy bum. I am super obsessed with my shrines. I have two - one dedicated to Athene and one dedicated to the entities of Huntwitch. When I actually live in my own house, there will be shrines everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Also, I have this weird fascination with Tumblr and will happy check out any of y'alls blogs. >_>

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Comment by Tabitha on May 24, 2013 at 11:22pm

Yes, I created it and sometimes daydream of it being accepted officially. Not sure if such move would ever be made, though.

Comment by Tabitha on May 24, 2013 at 11:52pm

It's relatively new. I've mostly only introduced much of it to Tumblr and one forum.


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