I was initiated in the Draconic Path several months ago, and let me tell ya.....It's not easy! I have been a Kitchen Witch for close to 15 years before that. So, I've had to change not only how I practice, but also what Gods/Goddesses I use. Before, it was easy to figure out which one to use for what spell or whatever, now it's as though I have to turn away from what I understand and love, to something I'm "reaching" for.

Now, before you start thinking that I don't enjoy the path I'm on, think again. I love the Dragon path. I don't agree with alot of the precepts that most Draconic walkers use, but that's fine. I don't agree with the whole idea that Dragons are the mediators of magickal law, because that would make them out to have no humor, passion, or love. I don't believe that you should abandon all your loved ones just because you're walking a Draconic path either. I've read many "true" tales of these people that just left all their family and friends to pursue this path. Personally, that's about the most asinine thing they could've done. So, to put it simply, I'll tell you how I'm now walking my Dragon Path.

1. Not only will I believe in myself, but also those I love.
2. I will not become staid, boring, or without emotions simply to be on my path.
3. If my God/Goddess tell me that I'm screwing up, I'll listen to them, as well as my loved ones, for they BOTH are what a True Pagan needs in their life, and on their path.
4. I will remember that Dragons don't enjoy being compared with Pete's Dragon......at all.

Alright, so I put the fourth one in there just to bring a smile to hopefully, some of your faces. But the first three things are now part of my learning.

Honestly, I hope that I can stay on this path for quite a long time. Even though I've had a couple of, well, not hiccups, but rather explosive burps along the way, They will always be there, ready for me to decide that I'm ready to learn.


Well, now I've done my reflective thing for the month....I can watch a cheesy movie now!

Oh leave it alone, I love my ADD!!

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Comment by Stormi Rose on February 4, 2009 at 4:02am
lol, cheesy movies! I love movie nights! Oh and about those explosive hiccups, well, it could be worse...you could have explosive farts...lol sorry. I couldn't help myself I just had to! Lmao!!!!
Seriously though your doing awesome! If I can I would love to pick your brain about kitchen witchery. I have always been interested and Libby is still to new to kitchen witchery to ask.
Blessed Be!


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