found this online (at black cat wicca)and was instantly giddy felt i had to share

When: Apr. 24th. 2010 - Apr. 24th. 2010
Where: Belleville, Michigan

You're Invited to Michigan Mayfest 2010

Event Details: You're invited to bring the whole family to the Pagan Michigan Mayfest at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville, Michigan; a Beltane festival celebrating the sacred fires of the creative spirit in the Pagan community of Michigan. Enjoy meaningful rituals, fantastic shopping, tasty food, fascinating workshops and delightful entertainment all provided by local members of YOUR Pagan community.

Magical Plant exchange
Bring your plants and seeds for our magical plant exchange. Meet other Green Witches, herbalists and magical plant enthusiasts!

Maypole Dance
We have a maypole dance for adults and kids! Be sure to make your floral head wreath at the hospitality area or join a mask making workshop so you're appropriately festive in the pictures!

Open Jam
Musicians bring your instruments and jam with our talented entertainers and other members of the musical Pagan community.

Drum Circle
Our drum circle will run late - to 11pm. Bring your drum and rent a campsite so if you're not done at 11, all you have to do is migrate!

Emily Rose
Kris McLonis
The Square Boys will be hosting the open jam.

Childrens Activities presented by
Robin Marvel
Barefoot Books

Psychics provided by My Spiritness Company

Event Location: 10871 Quirk Road in Belleville
Event TIME Details: 10am to 10pm


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