Free ‘New Age’ Piano Lesson Shows Students How to Create Their Own Music

New Age music ... it's seen better days. But now it's making a comeback, thanks in no small part to piano teacher Edward Weiss.

Weiss owns and operates a website that teaches beginning adults how to create their own piano music in the New Age style. The free piano lesson here shows students how to create a tranquil morning mood using just a few chords.

Mr. Weiss remarks...

"One of the things I like to do is capture the moods of nature in music. Visual artists have been doing this for the longest time. And there was a period in classcial music when impressionism was all the rage. New Age piano is similar to this. Just a few chords and students are able to quickly capture a mood and turn it into an improvisation or composition of their own."

Here's what this 'new age' piano teacher says about his online course:

"New Age piano is a very popular style of music. Millions around the world enjoy the beauty and relaxing effects it has to offer. But there was nothing as far as instruction goes - either online or off. I created a course where anyone who enjoys this style can go and learn how to play it without learning how to read music."

Weiss also adds:

“Most piano students assume they must learn how to read music before they attempt anything creative. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I encourage students to speak the language of music first through chords before learning how to read it.”

The free piano lesson 'Summer Morning' can be found on Weiss's website

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