Aries Full Moon 2009: The Harvest Moon
By Cathy Lynn Pagano

“Ikani, the Lord of Time and Mara, the Mother of Life, looked out over the harvest and saw that it was bountiful. Their hearts rejoiced, for in the silence of the Balance of the Light and the Dark, the seeds of the future were singing their names.”

Fall Equinox: The Balance of Light and Dark

With the Fall Equinox, we move from the energy of self to the energy of community, the time for bringing in the harvest to make sure life survives the winter. It is the time of the seed, the potential we have to save for the new life to come in the spring, when that seed germinates. What have you harvested this year? What new seeds have been born in you that will take time to nurture and develop?

We move from the harvest season of Virgo to the Libra energy of weighing something's worth. We associate Libra with balance (the Fall Equinox is when light and dark are balanced), and fairness (since we also associate the scales with Law, Order and Justice) and partnership (symbolizing the sign of marriage and partnership). But there is more.

The scales were originally used to weigh something's worth: in the Egyptian underworld, the scales of Maat were used to weigh the soul's worth, while on a more mundane level, scales were used to set up a standard measurement so that all people and countries could have a standard measure of exchange, whether it was to measure the weight of grain, gold or silver.

The archetype of the Scales is ancient. Believed to originate in Egypt, it represented the balance of the sun at the horizon between the upper and under world (at the Fall Equinox, the Sun rests on the equator and then begins its journey South). The ancient Babylonians thought the constellation represented an altar towering in the sky. The name Libra comes from the Roman word meaning ‘the balance'. Leave it to the Romans to standardize our mediums of exchange.

Libra is considered a masculine, outgoing energy; it is a cardinal air sign, meaning Libra wants to see its ideas take form and make a difference. Venus is Libra's ruler, and as the Greek Aphrodite, this seemingly feminine energy combines feminine and masculine in a wholeness that is greater than the sum of her parts. Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Sexuality and Beauty, is intrinsically Whole, for she is born from her father Uranus' phallus and her mother, the Ocean. It is the intrinsically feminine belief that we are all one, that we need to care for our communities, which activates Libra's insistence on fairness and justice. It is the wisdom of Love which lets us see the Truth. Love belongs to all of us, and is the one Truth that makes us whole.

So the archetypal energy of Libra is balanced, and we are called upon to balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves when we offer our intrinsic worth to the world. In partnerships, if we are not whole in ourselves, we tend to look to the Other for completion. And that's where things begin to go wrong. A partnership of equals means that each person is whole. When we haven't completed the Virgo mission of knowing ourselves, we project our missing parts and needs onto our partners. And as we all know, no one can save us except ourselves. Those of you born during the years Pluto was in Libra (1971 to 1984) are here to learn this lesson about relationships. And with Saturn going through Libra in the next few years, you'll get to see how well you've learned it.

That's where this full Moon can help us. The Moon in Aries encourages us to have the courage to be ourselves, to trust our own intuitions and be bold enough to try something new, to figure out what we need in a situation. Aries' inherent self-interest or selfishness is offset by the Sun in Libra, which teaches us how to balance Self and Other. The peace and harmony that Libra loves isn't achieved by denying your real needs, but by negotiating a real balance of needs between partners. Aries can show us new ways of getting what we want, while Libra keeps us on track with diplomacy and fairness.

For this Full Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus (Libra's ruler) are all in Virgo. We are still trying to figure out who we really are and how we can be of service to the world. Mercury turns to direct motion on September 29, a few days before the full Moon. The messenger god now has to integrate what he's learned during the past three weeks, and we won't have the message clear until Mercury returns to where it began its journey on October 14.

But just after the Full Moon on October 4, Mercury sextiles Mars in Cancer, Mars trines Uranus in Pisces, and Mercury opposes Uranus. Mercury, the mind, needs to listen to what Uranus, inspiration, tells him about new options that will help us get our needs met (Mars). So ask for a dream, vision or insight on the Full Moon that will quicken that integration. If you felt the new birth at the Cancer solar eclipse on July 21, then this weekend could bring you the information you need to nurture that new life.

Venus in Virgo urges us to stay virginal, the state of belonging to oneself, the state of wholeness. In Virgo, Venus represents Isis, the great goddess of magic, healing, fertility and integration. She separates the wheat from the chaff. She knows what is needed to sustain life. Venus aspects all the outer planets soon after this full Moon, using her ability to connect to open us to the big energies that signal the changes taking place in our civilization.

On October 4, Venus and Jupiter meet up in a quirky quincunx, offering us the opportunity to gain perspective on society, self-worth and our ability to give and receive love. On October 9, Venus opposes Uranus and makes a quirky quincunx to Neptune. The opposition can bring relationship surprises as well as helping us integrate the new Uranian vision that's breaking through our old limited perspective. The Venus-Neptune quincunx urges us to bring our ideals into reality instead of deluding ourselves with our old fantasies. As Baba Ram Dass said, Be Here Now. Venus joins Saturn on October 13, forcing us to see the reality of our situation, and she squares Pluto again on October 15 for the 4th time this year once she's back in Libra, shedding old relationship neediness.

As you can see, Venus is quite a busy Lady this month, but since she belongs to herself, her lovers end up giving her what she needs. And what she gives to us is a sure sense of self-worth, a clear picture of what our society needs to transform itself, and the power to do it, especially through the arts and through personal relationships.

Ladies, this is your chance to show your wisdom to the world. Men, this is your chance to stop being afraid of your feelings and intuitions – and women's power – and trust the wisdom of Love and transformation.

Jupiter turns direct on October 12-13, opening the way for any personal and community projects and visions to take their next step. The Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction in Aquarius is still offering us inspiration and a new vision for the world. The U.N. finally agreed that it's time to get rid of nuclear weapons, which is a good start.

One outcome of this major Aquarian conjunction is the publication of C.G. Jung's famous (at least to Jungians!) Red Book. (Read the New York Times article on Jung's Red Book). When Jung was about 38 – the time of the midlife crisis – he began a journey into the unconscious which later gave rise to all his major theories about the human psyche. He recorded this inner journey in a red notebook, which his heirs have kept secret until now. The visions and voices he experienced and wrote about are very much like a shamanic initiation into the workings of the human soul and the beautiful pictures he painted are brilliantly colored and detailed illustrations of those visions.

Jung was born during a Saturn-Uranus opposition (his in Aquarius-Leo), so he embodies the energies we are working with now – the opposition between the Old vs the New. This Red Book came out of a time when that opposition was being resonated in his chart. Jung chose to open himself to the New. Also, his Saturn is at 25* Aquarius, which is very close to the conjunction degrees of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. His theories and ideas can definitely form a basis for this new vision we are all seeking. The other interesting aspect of his chart and the release of his journal now is that his Neptune (the imagination and mystical experiences) at 3*03' Taurus is being trined this year and next by Pluto in Capricorn, a wonderful symbol of the release of hidden treasures. Jung's Red Book will be on display at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York from October 7, 2009 to January 25, 2010.

Of course I'm biased, but I really believe that Jung's work is important to our collective journey. I know from experience that working with my dreams has given me back my true Self. They have connected me to the depths of Wisdom that lay within each of us. We so often look outside ourselves for the answers that are waiting to reveal themselves within us. We just have to find out how to access it. And dream work is the best way I know to find our Self and our purpose.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 12* Libra is: Miners are emerging from a deep well into the sunlight. Within the womb of the Earth lie hidden treasures, both the jewels we adorn ourselves with and the elements that create and sustain much of our civilization. Symbolically, these treasures also represent the knowledge and wisdom that can create a civilization. They can be our dreams and visions, as well as our inventions. Those who have gone into the depths in search of wisdom must now learn to participate in the world's work. We must be of service now to those who are still suffering or in darkness.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 12* Aries is: A flock of white geese flies overhead across clear skies. Geese have a rich mythological background, symbolizing the transcendent soul, while snow (white) geese are the totem for the Winter Solstice, the time of the re-birth of the Light. Like Mother Goose, geese fill us with stories. When we see the geese heading off on their autumn migrations, we imagine the far-off places they travel to. It stirs our own imagination to search out new worlds for ourselves. This flock flying through clear skies urges us to lift our eyes to the heavens and read the signs in nature that indicate change is coming. We need to understand the cosmic order of life.

So never doubt that change is coming. The question is: How will we meet it? With blind ignorance and fear, or with the treasures of our life's experience and wisdom? The choice is really up to us.

Blessed Be.

Cathy Pagano

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